Deputy Registrar, YSU Alumni


Respected members of the Alumni, Staff of the Alumni office, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to welcome you to the YSU Alumni Association Website. In Nigeria Alumni Associations have a long history dating to as far back as 1821.


An Alumnus of university is someone who has matriculated within the university, and studied an approved course of study for a designated period of time. Therefore, an Alumni Association is an Association of former students who have the linkage of haven graduated from a particular institution.


The main purpose of an Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty among members as well as promote the general welfare of the Alma Mater. Therefore, it is in our collective and individual interests to work for the progress and success of the association, and to nurture and sustain it, we are members of an Alumni because there is a university known as Yobe state university. So it should be our pride to see that Yobe State University continues to grow from strength to strength. That means, it should be within our mission to assist the Alma Mater to attain greater heights in moral and academic pursuits. Alumni Association exist to support the parent organizational goals to help the students coming up after you and to give back to the Alma Mata that gave you a solid foundation for your future growth.


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The Yobe State University Alumni division was established in august 2015. So we have to be proud of the progress we have made so far by reaching this stage of having a draft constitution and electing a leadership structure of an EXCO. If the elected members work hard enough and cooperate with my office, it will be possible for the Alumni to make direct input into the policy matters in the university.

During the convocation ceremony and beyond, all members that wish to be recognized and legally belong to the association will have to register officially into the Yobe State University Alumni Association with a token fee that is enshrined in the constitution.

Remember that as the pioneers you should lay a solid and functional foundation so that students coming after you will enjoy a better Yobe State University.

I welcome you all and I pray that our activities will be blessed by Almighty Allah (SWT).