I am delighted to welcome you to the official webpage of the School of Postgraduate Studies in Yobe State University, stated in Damaturu the state capital city, Nigeria. Indeed, this is our virtual front door which will provide all information that may interest you about the School, its programmes, procedures and various academic and professional activities. The aim of the School is to bring you beyond the knowledge base offered to you at undergraduate level.

It is known from the Yobe State University’s Mission that it adopts excellence and quality in all its academic activities, transparency in its procedures, and the fact that the School of Postgraduate Studies is one of the most important components of the University which is responsible for managing all related postgraduate programmes in the institution, it must follow the same method namely Quality Assurance.

Students in the School undergo both academic and research training in order to equip them with essential knowledge and research skills to become not only employable in the labour market but also employers/entrepreneurs in diverse areas of their expertise.

In order to achieve that, we have adopted the following strategies:

1- To cover students from registration to graduation, by attaching each student to a mentor once he/she is registered to the programme so as to accompany and assist him/her during the coursework period and for the selection of suitable topic for Dissertation/Thesis, then appointing supervisor(s) after successful completing all coursework.

2- To put in place the mechanism which guarantees a start and finish time schedule within the stipulated period (minimum period is primary target).

3- To create linkages and collaborations with other institutions in Nigeria and abroad in terms of exchange of knowledge and experience for the benefit of our students.

4- To periodically review and update the contents of coursework to keep pace with fast changes taking place in the world in all areas.

5- To organize workshops/seminars/public and special lectures in different aspect so as to improve postgraduate students’ learning and research skills in which resource persons will be invited within and outside Nigeria.

As a newly established School, we currently have many NUC approved programmes in diploma (PGD) Masters (M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), as well as Professional Masters, and we are still working hard to establish more academic and professional programmes very soon.
The Management of the University, under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Mala Mohammed Daura, has harnessed all kind of supports to facilitate the work of the School by vesting its management in the Board of Postgraduate Studies comprising senior academic and administrative staff as members who co-ordinate all Postgraduate Academic Activities through College/Faculty and Departmental Postgraduate Committees.
Once again welcome to the School of Postgraduate Studies in Yobe State University.

Dean of School of Postgraduate Studies